Top 9 stuff I’m proud of

  1. Joining Adfenix and scaling from roughly 15 to 70 people in less than a year, with a strong focus on recruitment, leadership and operational performance.
  2. My leadership that helps people grow, with a documented high eNPS above 75 (on a range from -100 to 100).
  3. Exploring all aspects of a SaaS business at SpeedLedger – from nitty gritty details to business strategy.
  4. Marketing Manager focusing on Online sales, creating a massive growth with a metric-driven approach and Content Marketing.
  5. Project Manager for the ”impossible projects” – I learned how to create success when failure is more likely and how to fail fast (and sometimes big).
  6. 8 years of supporting Connect West and Venture Cup (3 years as chairman of the jury), helping startups in Gothenburg succeed.  
  7. Born and raised in Gothenburg – so I will never work outside my hometown.
  8. My family – work is an essential part of me, but I would be nothing without my family.
  9. Frequent speaker with 50+ talks for both small and large audiences, with the purpose to educate and inspire.