Hi // Hej

the short version

I’m a WRITER of fiction and business.

I’m a SPEAKER about organisational success.

I’m an ADVISOR for leaders.

I’m a former COO & CEO. Experienced project manager, software developer, architect and coach. Frequent speaker and endless writer.

Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.

the ChatGPT version

As a writer, I craft compelling stories that entertain and inform. My expertise in business allows me to create engaging content that resonates with readers.

As a speaker, I share insights on how organizations can achieve success by leveraging their strengths and optimizing their processes. My engaging presentations inspire leaders and teams to take action and achieve their goals.

As an advisor, I provide guidance to leaders on how to lead their organizations through change and growth. Drawing on my extensive experience as a former COO and CEO, I offer practical advice and strategic solutions to complex challenges.

With a background in project management, software development, architecture, and coaching, I bring a diverse set of skills to the table. I am a frequent speaker at conferences and events, and I am always seeking new opportunities to share my knowledge and insights. Additionally, I am a prolific writer, producing content that informs and inspires readers across a variety of topics.