Education // Operational guide for startup and growth companies

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What will you learn in this course?

  • Hacks and methods when scaling a people oriented company from 20 to 100 members
  • Evaluate your company and present your insights
  • Explore people and team dynamics to improve performance
  • Learn operational hacks to solve real problems

No requirements. You will learn easy to use tools that you can apply directly into your organisation.

About me as an instructor

10+ years experience in leading roles from multiple startups and growth companies and with an expertise in scaling the organisation from 20 to 100 members. Mainly tech, SaaS and professional services organisations.

I’m an instructor in operational excellence and sharing my best tools and hacks to identify and solve operational problems.

To remember my methods for solving different types of problems I started working on a playbook. Today I have 50+ plays that address specific challenges and how I solved them. In my course I will share the most popular ones.

I’m an experienced instructor with more han 100+ talks within strategy, tech, agile and operational excellence.

I hope you will enjoy my educations!

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