I’m a cross functional tech intrapreneur with focus on growth.

I believe in empowering people and teams to make them key drivers for the company. Building a strong culture of both autonomy and collaboration, guided by clear goals, is essential. Transparency and honesty is key for a sustainable, engaging work environment as well as organisational health.

For me it’s not about being a hero – it’s about making heroes.

Key experience

I have a wide experience ranging from small startups to bigger product companies, including international organisations.

In 2015 I joined SpeedLedger, a 100 people organisation delivering e-accounting to the Swedish market.  During my time there I had roles such as Retention & Engagement Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Owner, Customer Success Manager, Growth Captain and COO.

In 2017 I joined Adfenix, helping them grow from 15 to 70 people in less than a year, expand internationally and secure VC funding of 50 MSEK.

In 2019 I joined Inteleon, that delivers the parking payment app SMS park, as COO to support the CEO and management team during the processes of finding new owners. Similar to Adfenix and SpeedLedger, this is also a tech company with roughly 100 people with a track record of growth and high ambitions for the future. When the new owners arrived in august 2019 my mission was completed and I continued to the next…

Today I’m COO at Oddwork, an Employer branding and recruitment company in Gothenburg. First time without a clear focus on tech – instead the mission is to transform a house of talented and inspiring people to experts on a global level. A journey for the upcoming 10 years with a dream of making the best possible impact on peoples lives by developing clear company cultures and match them with the right people.


I’m a former CEO, experienced Project Manager, Developer and Architect, startup- and Agile coach, as well as frequent speaker. Once upon a time I was the chairman of the Venture Cup West jury for a few years. I’m currently mentoring for Connect West, including serving as a Springboard panel member.


As of yet, I don’t have any magical skills, but I’m constantly learning new stuff so you never know…

Looking forward to connecting!